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I am a bit concerned that on your disinfectant cleanser and deodoriser you say: 'Simply spray on, leave for a minute and wipe off using kitchen towel.' Surely it should be rinsed out with water afterwards?

Don't worry Ark-Klens is safe to use this way. The active is widely used (including in contact lens solutions). No significant residues will be left if you wipe down with kitchen towel.

I have been using ready-to-use 500ml ARK-KLENS to disinfect my bird feeders and equipment. I now have a 250ml concentrate container to recharge my spray but am confused with the dilution instructions on both containers.
The concentrate container label recommends 10ml/5litres. The spray label says it can be recharged using 5ml of standard ARK-KLENS in the container.
I would like to assume that the 10ml/5litres solution is the "standard ARK-KLENS" mentioned on the spray label of which I need to use 5ml made-up to 500ml with water. Could you please clarify the situation for me?

'Standard Ark-Klens' is the concentrate, so to make the RTU you add 10ml of this concentrate per 500ml for the spray, this is 10 times the dilution used when you make it in a bucket (10ml per 5litres) but the usage is usually very different. ie spray on wipe off, when its made in a bucket usually things get wet and stay wet for a time, soaking bowls etc,  so longer contact time so lower dilution.

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