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Sun Conures

Vetarks range of products covers all birds, although they are especially well known in parrots our products are widely used by discerning cage bird breeders, a great many falconers and even people keeping rehabilitated battery chickens!

We produce lots of information, our current pet bird leaflet is downloadable at the foot of the page. This gives information on bird care, apsects of bird health care, wormers for birds, how to disinfect the cage and aviary etc.

We also have a backyard chicken leaflet and a falconers leaflet. These give basic information about the use of our products.

See What Our Customers Said

AquaSed -does what it says on the tin! -

I hope Aquased becomes the norm in most fish keepers medicine cabinets.


Avi-sol Vitamin solution - great for ex battery hens! -

 I've been using avi-sol vitamin supplement in my work re-homing ex battery hens. It's proven to be a valuable resource in supporting particularly weak and vulnerable hens through rehabilitation. Highly recommended to anyone wanting to help ex battery hens.