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Disinfection and fish

Virkon Aquatic

The tools for proper biosecurity are very important

The main concerns aside from general biosecurity  concerns for pond fish are Spring Viraemia of Carp (SVC) and Koi Herpes Virus (KHV). The latter has now appeared in Japan and caused major losses, this means that both global koi producing regions are affected.

Everything used on a fish site should be physically cleaned first. If necessary use a solution of Ark-Klens to clean away large amounts of physical contamination.

When working with fish multi-filament nets present special problems for disinfection due to the weave. These have been shown to require special effort, fish mucus has a way of entering the weave of the net as it moves under the weight of fish. This can take pathogens with it and then they can be effectively hidden from disinfection. We suggest after use they be dropped into a tank and left overnight in a combination of Ark-Klens and Virkon Aquatic. Virkon Aquatic contains tensides to help the disinfectant penetrate but the special problems of nets bear extra effort!


This mixture should be rinsed off before nets are used.

Virkon Aquatic is safer to use than Tamodine-E around fish, as its name suggests the carrier material has been selected for suitability for fish. So our general recommendation is now to use Ark-Klens as a cleanser basic disinfectant and tenside surfactant, for routine use. Virkon however is effective against all viruses. So a good routine would be routine Ark-Klens in net dips/washes, and for clean downs, followed by terminal disinfection with Virkon Aquatic.


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