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Rabbits & furries

Rabbits are the third most popular pet in the UK but still a little mysterious and rather poorly served. As still a 'wild' animal they are 'programmed' as prey species, they react badly to stress and have horribly complex gut physiology.

But nonetheless they are great and popular pets. We recommend anyone wanting to know more about rabbit keeping visit the Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund website (see the link below).

Its not just rabbits though, our products are used in a wide range of pet rodents from degu to jirds! The erodent website linked below gives some good info on these others.

You can also download our NEW rabbit and small mammal leaflet below! This gives information on healthcare for rabbits, disinfection of the hutch, probiotics for rabbits.


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Avi-sol Vitamin solution - great for ex battery hens! -

 I've been using avi-sol vitamin supplement in my work re-homing ex battery hens. It's proven to be a valuable resource in supporting particularly weak and vulnerable hens through rehabilitation. Highly recommended to anyone wanting to help ex battery hens.


ProC probiotic is a great product -

Your ProC probiotic is a great product, please don't ever change it or stop making it.

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