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Tortoise and chips!

Tortoise garden

Microchipping is an excellent way of identifying tortoises. All live Annexe A tortoises need to be microchipped to be able to be registered for a CITES specimen specific certificate which allows them to be sold. Any such tortoise over 10cm must be chipped to be legally sold OR DISPLAYED. ALWAYS CONSULT THE DEFRA WEBSITE (BELOW) FOR UPDATES ON THIS.

The species currently under CITES appendix A are (but check with DEFRA yourself, this may go out of date):

Galapagos giant tortoise           Geochelone nigra or Geochelone elephantopus
Radiated tortoise                        Geochelone radiata
Angonoka                                   Geochelone yniphora
Bolson tortoise                            Gopherus flavomarginatus
Berger's cape tortoise                 Homopus bergeri
Pancake tortoise                          Malacochersus tornieri
Geometric tortoise                        Psammobates geometricus
Madagascar flat-shelled tortoise   Pyxis planicauda
Madagascar spider tortoise          Pyxis arachnoides
Spur-thighed tortoise                 Testudo graeca
Hermann's tortoise                    Testudo hermanni
Egyptian tortoise                       Testudo kleinmanni
Marginated tortoise                   Testudo marginata
Negev tortoise                           Testudo wernei

You do not need CITES paperwork to possess one of these but if you pass it to a sanctuary/zoo which is open to the public they will not be able to display it or put in perhaps with others on display unless you obtain this paperwork.

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